Hedge against the cancel culture

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Bastard Token is triumph to the one and only Bastard of the Blockchains. It's the fun loving, in your face Cryptocurrency marvel straight from posh Liverpool. So get your pint and get on board, Cheers!


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Total Supply: 369,369,369

Fair launched
26.66% paired with $PLS
6.66% paired with $SER
The rest of the supply sits in the benevolent OA address

NO RUGPULL: To ensure security, Liquidity Pool Tokens (LPs) are systematically burned, safeguarding against rug pulls.

Founded by a respected 9inch community member

At the heart of Bastard Token is the irreverent charm of Hexy Bastard himself.
A multifaceted figure renowned as the founder of PoorPleb.win ($PP) and Co-founder of the rock hard DEX 9inch.io.

Originating from the vibrant HEX & PulseChain community, Hexy Bastard captivates audiences with his entertaining persona and unconventional approach to Technical Analysis,
famously known for skillfully drawing dicks on the chart.


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